Lotto Bet365

Lotto Bet365

Lotto Betting with bet365 – Types of Lotto Draw. For all new lotto bettors Bet365 has the biggest welcoming bonus: 100 GBP.

All the lotto betting is decided considering the numbers drawn in those lotteries. The bonus ball or balls will be included if you choose that option when you place your bet. Each lotto bet, on a certain draw must be placed and confirmed before drawing the first number.

If you place your bet after the draw of the first number, the bet will be canceled and the stake will be return to your account, no matter if you have won or not. Should you consider playing lotto games at Bet365, you must know that all bets are valid for draw, after you make your confirmation, where you will also indicate if you have selected bonus balls.

The maximum prize for a single bettor is of £250,000. Bet365 Bonus offers you different kinds of fixed-odds bets, from lotteries around the world. The Irish Lottery has three draws on Wednesdays and Saturday. From 42 balls, six balls and a bonus one are drawn in these days.

You also have the chance to play the Spanish Lottery, which takes place Thursdays and Saturdays and where six balls plus a bonus one are drawn, from 49 balls. Thursdays and Sundays you can play at the New York Lotto and take your shot with 6 balls and a bonus ball are drawn from 59.

The Australian lotto has two lotteries: Oz lotto (Tuesday- six balls plus two bonus balls drawn from 45) and Tatts lotto (Saturday, with six balls and two bonus extracted from 45).

No matter which type of lotto game you decide to play, you must know that you can find all you want from an online lottery, if you make an account at Bet365.


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