Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting

For the past years, due to the technological evolution and the improvements of the mobile phones’ performances, lots of sportsbooks offer to their customers the possibility to gamble from their mobiles.

After the bookmakers have introduced this service on the market, they have also come with the extraordinary idea of offering a welcoming bonus, the first time someone bets using their mobile.

For example, Betfair offers a 100% bonus, up to 20 GBP, or its equivalent in other accepted currency. After placing your bet you should access the section Members-Offers-Offers available.

After doing so, you should receive through email your bonus code. If you do not succeed or have any other question, the employees from Betfair will guide you to cash your bonus. You should check if you have Internet connection first and this service should be installed automatically on your mobile.

If not, you must contact your phone supplier, in order to see if your mobile accepts this kind of application. Betting on your mobile is very fast and simple. You need an account and then to directly access the URL of your favorite sportsbook on your phone’s browser.

After you have entered your account you cam place bets, visualize your balance and deposit founds. If you wish to access this service regularly, you can mark it, to ensure a fast access in the future.

So, when you are on a football stadium and you wish to place live bets on the game that you watch, you can easily do this by betting with the help of your mobile.

No computer and still you are dying to place a winning bet? No problem! Enjoy gambling in any moment and situation. It has never been easier: bet on your mobile!