Poker Unibet

Poker Unibet

Unibet Poker offers you a 24/7 activity in the European network, with the fastest growth, with lots of playing tables, tournaments and VIP points.

The good thing about Unibet Poker is that you can play poker from your browser, with or without the poker software. Unibet Poker gives you the real pleasure in playing poker with statistics, notes and odds in real time.

You can also gather VIP points while playing real money or tournaments. For each dollar you will be awarded with 10 VIP points. You can follow the balance of your VIP points in the right top of the poker’s software.

You can check out the level reached by clicking the Poker Club button. The VIP points can be used as ‘buy’ in most of the tournaments or in Unibet Shop. You may also want to change a part of them or all of them in money: for each dollar changed in cash, you will spend 33 VIP points.

The freeroll tournaments are the ones where you do not have to pay any entrance tax. Unibet Poker offers freeroll tournaments with cash prizes every week. These tournaments are available for all the Unibet players.

The “satellites” are cheap tournaments that can qualify you at the biggest tournaments. The winners of the satellites will participate at more important tournaments, where you do not have to pay any other tax.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional: Unibet Poker School can reveal you the most subtle aspects of online poker. If you have just started to play poker, you will find the playing rules and the ones of utilizing the website, but also an instruction guide, for that you can familiarize the basics. If you already know the game and you have some experience, you can learn new advanced strategies from the best poker players of the world.